Why I don't shop online!


This is quite possibly the last topic an online store owner should be discussing. But you know what? My motivation for starting this store was to help people: help them feel confident and comfortable every day.

The online retail space is new to me, which has put me on the research train to understand what turns people off online shopping and in turn, what attracts them to it.

 Here I have put together my top turn offs to online shopping. Over the coming weeks I will dive into each topic and hopefully give you the solution and confidence to start your online shopping journey.



Ok, so this is the big one and by the far the most called out topic in my research: the fear of your purchase not fitting when it arrives. You’ve seen the fab model on the website under the pretty lights, nailing just the right angle to make the clothes look just perfect and something you MUST have. You click in…she’s wearing a size 6, is ridiculously well-proportioned and has a figure that would make Barbie want to hit the gym. How do you begin to work out what size you are? There is a size guide, but you have no idea what your measurements are or where to begin to take them...who even owns a tape measure anyway?! You’ve bought a few things online before, but the sizing has been inconsistent. You click out and decide online shopping is not for you, leaving the hot item for the next confused customer.


Delivery Times

You’ve bitten the bullet, and even though unsure about the size or how it is going to look on you, you’ve checked out. You are taken to 35 different shipping options and if you spend over $100,000, wow you get free shipping! Already feeling guilty for making an uncertain purchase, you can’t justify another $12.95 to cover the postage.  You opt for the free standard shipping and cross your fingers.

7 to something business days after you place your order, it finally arrives. It didn’t arrive in time for the event you specifically purchased it for and will now sit in the back of your closet getting musty, together with the other dresses you bought from the store last minute when your online purchase didn’t arrive.



The packing is beautiful: lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with a personalised note. You feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You hold it up and feel your heart sink.  You know straight away there is no way you’re going to get your left arm in it, let alone post-partum hips. Pushing through your disappointment you email the online store to be informed that they can offer you a credit note, you just have to SIMPLY pop it back in the post to them at your cost. WTF! By the time you return the bloody thing it will have cost you more than you originally paid, just in postage! You wonder how you are going to be able to trust another purchase from this scammer. You chuck the item in your growing Vinnies pile and vow never to shop online again!


Sounds all too familiar?

We have exciting things to come at SK Style! Over the next 3 weeks I will be diving into these issues and seeking to restores your confidence in the online world! Stay Tuned!


SK x 

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