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The transition from pre baby life to Mum life is a big one. As soon as we make the decision to try for a baby we are making sacrifices: reducing booze, taking vitamins, tracking our cycle etc, and if you’re anything like me, feel totally consumed by getting pregnant.
I was extremely fortunate to conceive easily, much to my husbands disappointment…he was hoping the ‘trying’ period would last for much longer than it did.
 As the months roll on, our pants start to get tighter, boobs get bigger and nothing seems to fit. I have no idea why, but I had a complete aversion to anything maternity. I think it has something to do with not wanting to lose myself in the process where most of us do. I still wanted to look and feel good, when all I was feeling was big and awkward. I can’t tell you how many times I cleaned up a table in a restaurant with my belly as I tried to squeeze past (this was obviously when I was pregnant with my first…I haven’t been to a restaurant without a playground since 2016!)
I refused to wear maternity bras, I stuck to non-underwire bras (while I was pregnant anyway) I’d buy cheap clothes that were a few sizes too big & anything with a relaxed oversized fit to avoid wearing maternity clothes.
 I didn’t feel like I put on a great deal of weight during my pregnancies, however I was not prepared for how I felt once Spencer was born. I have always been an active person who prioritises my health. So my new Mum bod, that had just performed the most remarkable task on earth, was not something I was prepared for. I didn’t expect to snap back by any means & I respected what my body had just done, however I wanted to feel like myself again. I knew it would be a slow and gentle process to get back to the me I knew, so for me it was about feeling good in the clothes I wore & still feeling like myself. In saying this, all I felt like wearing was trackies, just the thought of anything tight was enough to bring back the labour pains!
 For any of the Mamas out there that can relate, I’ve put together some tips and styles to help get you navigate through these new and unchartered waters. Including some beautiful inspiration from a few ever so stylish ladies out there.
Depending on your shape, most of these styles can be worn throughout pregnancy and post-partum. I’ve given a little description on each to help you decide on sizing and if the style is right for you.
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My Top 5 Tips 
1. Stick to your pre pregnancy style. There are already so many changes happening for you at this time, it's important to still feel like yourself. If you've never worn navy and white horizontal stripes...don't go and buy them now. 
2. Invest in a pair of maternity pants. If there was one piece of maternity clothing I would recommend buying it would be this. During my first pregnancy I refused this, and got by with a belly band. But oh the comfort of the maternity pants!!! You can easily style with cool tops. There are a heap of great on trend styles out there that aren't going to cost more than your obstetricians fees.
3. Comfort Comfort Comfort! Above anything, being comfortable while pregnant and in the early sleep deprived haze afterwards is paramount. A cutting in side zip could be the tipping point that sends the hormonal ball of fury postal! Choose stretch fabrics and elastic waists, even better, loose stretchy clothes with elastic waists (move in our Milan pants!) Flowy tops are also a must & if you can pick one up with buttons down the front you'll be able to use it as a feeding top too!
4. Stick to natural and light fabrics. Even if you are pregnant over winter, if you're anything like me you'll still feel hot. With a growing bundle of joy & new hormones doing their thing, you'll questions wether you are actually pregnant or potentially pre-menopausal. The natural fabrics will allow the skin to breath. 
5. Think about beyond your bump. There will be some solid months/years after your Bub is born that you won't fit into your pre-baby clothes. I was desperate to feel just a little bit stylish again...when choosing styles for your bump, think about if you could breastfeed in it & how will it look with a stream of spew down the front. Often lighter coloured prints are good for hiding this. 
Bump Style Inspiration via Pinterest 



Styles for you!

The Boyfriend Shirt

This is an oversized style, so already lending itself to accommodate your bump. I would go up one-two size's in this style to get the most wear out of it, especially  in the last months before bub is born. It’s perfect & light for pregnancy and also breastfeeding friendly with the front buttons. Our pregnant model is wearing a size Medium/10 here and would usually wear a XS/6. The shirt has been teamed with our Charlie Joggers.




The Carly Top

 The light cotton & longer line of this style is perfect for pregnancy and the relaxed fit will keep you comfy and accomodate your expanding boobies after Bub is born. Our pregnant model is wearing a size Large here and would usually wear a size XS. This style is also quite oversized. I would go up 2-3 sizes in this style to get the most wear out of it. Wearing the top with our Stella Joggers. 



The Alexis Shirt

This style is already quite oversized & a beautiful soft rayon for extra comfort. The longer line on this style is perfect for pregnancy & front buttons make it great for breastfeeding too. Our pregnant model is wearing a size Large here and would usually wear a small. I would go up 2-3 sizes in this style. Teamed with out Charlie Joggers here.



Stella Joggers

These pants will soon become your best friend. With their elastic waist and soft stretchy fabric, you can live in these pants throughout and after pregnancy and still look cool. The leopard print is perfect for hiding baby spew! I would still go up 1-2 sizes to add to their comfort. Our gorgeous pregnant model is wearing a size Medium here and would usually wear a small. Wearing them with our Carly top here. 




Charlie Joggers

The same as their sister the Stella Joggers, they have the same comfort and cool factor, just in solid black, which to be honest, suited me fine for the first 6 weeks post bub if you know what I mean! Our model is wearing a size Small here and would usually wear a small. We have teamed them with our Alana Shirt and Carly top. 



Milan Pants

These beauties are the perfect feelgood pants! They have a great elastic waist that will sit beautifully under your bump & will be the perfect pair of pants for when you want to get out of your tracks but still feel like you're wearing them. The fabric is also super stretchy. Depending on your shape, I would wear your true size, or go up 1 size. Our gorgeous pregnant model is wearing a size 8 and would usually wear a 6. 




Sorrento Dress

Being so oversized this is a great option for during and after pregnancy. It’s light, flowy and very easy to wear. The front buttons make it perfect for breastfeeding. Our pregnant model is wearing a S/M here & would usually wear this size. I would stick to your true size in this style.




The Carmen Dress

This style is not so oversized, so would be best in the early days of your growing bump and after birth. It’s beautiful & soft, with front buttons so easy to breastfeed in. The cream colour is also great for blending in baby spew! I’d go up 1-2 sizes in this style.


The Cali Shirt

Another great oversized shirt with front buttons to make feeding easier. The light linen makes the style beautiful and light, especially when you’re an overheating hot pregnant mess! And the weave in this fabric is perfect for the baby spew to seep through so you won’t even see it on the outside. But seriously, it’s actually a great shirt. It’s quite oversized & only comes in two sizes, S/M & M/L. Depending on your shape you could wear your true size or go up one. Our pregnant model is wearing a M/L here and would usually wear a S/M. 



The Sophie Top

A great wrap style that will wrap beautifully under your bust while pregnant and be perfect for breastfeeding. Our pregnant model is wearing a size 10 and would usually wear a size 8. She is wearing it here with our Charlie joggers and Carly top. 



The Alana Shirt 

Another great wrap top that is beautifully soft & silky. It's very easy to wear your true size in this style & will wrap perfectly over your bump. It is extremely breastfeeding friendly too. Our pregnant model is wearing a size 6 and would usually wear this size. We have styled it here with out Carly top and Charlie Joggers. 



The Rio Dress 

The sister to the Sorrento dress, the rio dress is just as easy to wear & is a rayon fabrication making it even lighter than the Sorrento. As you can probably guess I'm a huge fan of leopard and prints in general, I just love their ability to hide a good spew stain. Our pregnant model is wearing a size M/L and would usually wear a S/M. 




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